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Entering foreign markets was one of Hesfibel’s primary targets from its very founding date. Today Hesfibel’s cables have reached more than 30 countries and Hesfibel is vey well known with its quality and service globally.

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HESFIBEL also provides installation and supervision services for products sold to its Customers. Installation and supervision activities are carried both inside and outside Turkey. These activities cover survey of the route, cable laying, cable splicing and termination, commissioning of the link.

HESFIBEL already completed and have ongoing installation projects in Malaysia, Russian Federation, Algeria and Azerbaijan.
With its highly qualified internationally experienced teams, HESFIBEL has the capability in installation of all kinds of fiber optic cables including but not limited to;
- direct burial cables
- aerial cables   (self-supporting & ADSS type)
- duct type cable
- indoor type cables
- river crossing

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